About Ansell

A leader in development, design and marketing, Ansell Protective Products is the largest manufacturer in the world of protective clothing and gloves. For over a century, our “Ideas that Fit” have increased worker productivity and reduced injuries in a variety of industries.

Long recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the safety apparel and hand protection industry, Ansell offers more than just high quality products. Ansell also offers effective business and safety solutions that reduce costs while producing quantifiable safety results.

From the headquarters in Iselin, New Jersey, and locations around the world, Ansell serves many industries, including food processing, chemical manufacturing and refining, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, primary metals, pharmaceutical, white goods, paper, general industrial and automotive. Just a few of Ansell's innovative products that have benefitted these industries include PawGuard, Sol-Vex, Hycron, ArmorKnit, Scorpio and the HyFlex line.

Ansell carries an extensive range of products for every hazard, industry and application,  and rest assured,  you will find a glove and other pre gotectivear that matches your needs perfectly with Ansell.


For more information on all genuine Ansell safety gloves, please visit www.sarungtangansafety.com.