About Sidomuncul

Established in 1951, Sidomuncul continuously strives to bring excellent products to the market to promote the health and wellbeing of the customers, and therefore creates a positive value for the society.  Not only relying on natural ingredients that are of excellent quality and freshness, Sidomuncul also focuses on research, science and technology in running the production processes of its every product as well as in moving forward to expand its business. Sidomuncul constantly creates innovations in the form of new discoveries that have great health benefits for the entire society.  In that regard, Sidomuncul has equipped its factories in Semarang, Central Java, with various supporting facilities that all conform to the prevailing standards in the pharmacy industry. The facilities include an ISO 17025 certified laboratory, production facilities that conform to CPOB and CPOTB good manufacturing standards in medicine, water and waste treatment facility, a holistic clinic, and an agrotourism complex 

Sidomuncul currently operates eight laboratories that utilize cutting-edge instruments and technologies to create products of the highest quality that are guaranteed to bring good benefits to your health. The eight laboratories are Instrumentation, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Formulation, Pharmacognosy, Stability, Tissue Culture, and Chemical Analysis (ISO 17025 certified and accredited by the National Committee of Accreditation and the National Standardization Agency).

About www.rumahjamu.com - The official Sidomuncul Online Store

 To provide convenience for Sidomuncul customers in Indonesia and around the world to get Sidomuncul products, Brani has been working with PT Sidomuncul to create it’s complete online flagship store named www.rumahjamu.com.  This store sells all Sidomuncul products, and is also equipped with trained staff who are ready to answer all of your questions regarding any of Sidomuncul products.  Rumahjamu.com currently has 10,000 registered customers, and expanding very rapidly.  For more information, visit: www.rumahjamu.com .



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